Movingui F#m Flute W/Crushed Turquoise Bands

A beautiful iridescent figured wood from Africa

  • Movingui F#m Flute


    A beautiful, highly figured piece of Movingui (Distemonanthus benthamianus) , sometimes referred to as Nigerian Satinwood. This wood is often used as a tonewood for guitars and other instruments. It is usually turned into veneer, but occasionally this wood will make it through as solid pieces for woodworkers.

    This flute really stands out in the sunlight and the tone is superb. I think you can make up your mind about the tone if you listen to the sound clips below.

    Listen to sound samples of this Movingui F#m flute here:
    Natural "dry" sound of this flute with no enhancement
    Reverb electronically added to the sample of this flute for the "Canyon" sound.

    Movingui F#m Flute W/Crushed Turquoise Bands


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