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The flutes by Laughing Crow in the style of the Native American Indian flute or love flute are traditional musical instruments. My instruments are not mass produced. These Native American styled flutes are created by a musician (me), for the musician (you) in my workshop in Tucson, Arizona. Of course, you don't have to be a musician to make beautiful "noise" with the Native American Flute! The Indian Flute is easy to play and rewarding to learn. It is the easiest of all musical instruments to learn. All of the flutes shown are handmade. That's right. I'm just one guy doing all the tasks with some occasional help from a skilled assistant. I leave the mass production, laser, CNC machines (computer numerically controlled), imported labor, dyes and stains to the big manufacturers. Each piece of wood is selectively chosen, cut to shape, tuned and finished by master flute maker, Richard Maynard, creating an outstanding, affordable custom instrument you can enjoy for a lifetime. The flutes made in the style of Indian Flutes  by Laughing Crow are easy to play, have a big voice and are very forgiving to the novice as well as being great performers for the experienced player. My flutes have a wide dynamic range. Whether one wishes to play softly and in a meditative style or if one wishes to play "out" for an audience, these flutes will perform for you. I'm confident that if you purchase one of my flutes, you'll not only be very happy with the appearance, but even more so you'll be thrilled with the tone, playability and tuning. If there is ever an issue with any purchase from Laughing Crow Flutes, rest assured that it will be resolved fairly, equitably and quickly. You have my personal guarantee on that.

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