F#m Cocobolo Native American Style Flute

A dark beauty with a bright, rich, clear tone.

  • Cocobolo F#m W/Crushed Turquoise Bands

    Cocobolo is a Rosewood from Central American and is popular in making musical instruments. A fine tonewood with a big, solid sound. This wood is heavy, oily and strong. I'm happy to be able to offer rosewood flutes such as this Cocobolo instrument.

    This instrument as a big, bright, clear, rich tone. I've inlaid bands of crushed Turquoise. You will be proud to own, carry, display and play this instrument. She has quite the heft and quite the musical potential

    Take a listen. Peruse the photos. This is a fine instrument with a big tone. It will bring a lifetime of beautiful music and joy. Feel free to contact me about this instrument, or any other instrument that I offer. Enjoy!

    Listen to this flute here.
    Listen to this flute with reverb (canyon sound) here.

  • Cocobolo F#m W/Crushed Turquoise Bands

    Price: $349.00 SOLD

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