F#m Curly Birds Eye Redwood Native American Style Flute

Naturally beautiful figured curly Birds Eye Redwood flute with a big voice.

  • F#m Curly Birds Eye Redwood

    A naturally light weight wood, Redwood usually comes with a straight, loose grain and is used in construction where long years of service out in the weather are desired. It is also a traditional wood for flutes for some Northwest tribes. It usually has a softer tone. Every once in a while, a curly, burly, bird's eye piece is discovered and I was fortunate enough to acquire a piece of old growth wood that was salvaged. I don't know how old this piece is, but it's been around a very long time waiting for the master's touch.
    The wood is extremely light and can be fragile, so care should be taken when owning an instrument such as this. Normally, I would ask a much higher price for this flute, but the extended scale can be a little tricky with this particular flute, so I'm offering it at, what I believe to be, a good price. If you want to just stay in the normal Native American pentatonic scale, you will have no worries. But, if you want to try to play "White Man's" music, some of the higher notes in the relative major scale require a little more effort and alternate fingerings.
    Having said all that, you can listen to the sound samples below and I believe that you will hear that this flute has a big, rich, full voice and plays extremely well and in tune in the Native American scale. Just remember, if you decide to purchase this instrument that it is fragile and must be handled with care. Treat her with respect and you will receive a lifetime of musical enjoyment from this instrument. I've put together a couple of sound samples below, so you can hear how this instrument plays. One is "dry" with no enhancement and the other has reverb added. You hear this reverb effect on almost all the Native American flute music recorded today.
    As with all Laughing Crow flutes, I guarantee your total satisfaction with this instrument. I hope you enjoy perusing the photos and listening to the wonderful tone of this instrument.
    Listen to this flute here.
    Listen to this flute with reverb (canyon sound) here.

    Comes shipped with free felt bag and a 30 day "no questions asked" guarantee of satisfaction.

    Purchase this F#m Curly Birds Eye Redwood flute: SOLD

  • Top view of the front.

  • Top view.

  • Close-up of the top.

  • Another close-up of the front, top.

  • Close-up of the rear. Isn't the grain fascinating?

  • Comes shipped with free felt bag and a 30 day "no questions asked" guarantee of satisfaction.

    Purchase this Curly Birds Eye Redwood flute: SOLD

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