Paduak Flutes in the Native American Style

A fabulous tone wood. Popular with many of my customers and recording artists including Mary Youngblood

  • Native American style flutes created from the African wood, Paduak.

    I'm sure most of you are familiar with Mary Youngblood. I offer her play along books and CDs here on this website. She is an inspiration to us all. She plays a Paduak (sometimes spelled Paduk) flute on some of her songs including "Beneath the Raven Moon". I, personally love this wood as it has a musical quality that works for all types of instruments including the Native American Flute. Due to popular demand, I have begun making making Native American style flutes with Paduak. I also can make these flutes in Am, Gm and Em. This wood comes from Africa. It is a clear hard wood similar in weight, feel and texture to Walnut. It is naturally a rich, rusty blood red which can change into a coffee color over time. I seal this wood with Tung Oil and finish with at least four coats of clear acrylic polyurethane to help keep the rich reds that we see when the wood is first sanded. The tone is clear and true.

  • As you can see from these photos coloring of wood varies. Most Paduak flutes will be all reddish brown and will darken over time.

  • The flute that you will be purchasing is very similar to the photos above. It will be mostly dark reddish brown. If the flute you want is not in stock, work will commence as soon as I receive your order. Thanks for looking and listening!

  • Choose your Paduak flute key below.

    All Laughing Crow wooden flutes come with a complimentary felt case.
  • Purchase the Paduak flute in G-minor (Gm) $185.00

    Click here to listen to an example of a Gm flute.

  • Purchase the Paduak flute in A-minor (Am) $185.00

    Click here to listen to an example of an Am Laughing Crow flute.

  • Purchase the Paduak flute in E-minor (Em) $225.00

    Click Here to listen to an example of an Em flute. (This flute is not recommended for beginners.)

  • "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames

    The very best resource for learning how to play. Written by a music educator.

    Price: $29.95
  • Add Maple Burl Eagle Fetish

    Add a Maple Burl Eagle Fetish to Any Laughing Crow Flute.

    Price: $45.00
  • Add Cedar Eagle Fetish

    Add a Cedar Eagle Fetish to Any Laughing Crow Flute

    Price: $30.00

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