BackPack Native American Style Flutes Discontinued..

Basically Indestructible $27.95

Affordable, indestructible, take-anywhere Native American style PVC flutes. Links to sound samples at the bottom of this page by clicking here.

These flutes are being phased out due to time constraints. I appreciate all the kind folks who have purchased these flutes.

Good tone, great value, will last a lifetime. Of course they don't have the voice my wooden flutes do, but lots of my customers like them. Can't beat it for $27.95. Made by master flute maker, Richard Maynard.

Now Available, Optional Mouthpiece

For those who do not prefer the original "open" mouthpiece. Easy to remove and sanitize, the mouthpiece is unpainted. See below for details. Only $2.00 either as an addition to your flute or separately.

"Hi Richard, This is a great flute! I'm really impressed. I like it as much as most of the wood flutes I have. Maybe it's the key. I don't know, but I love it! Thanks, Keith"

Indestructible PVC BackPack Discontinued..

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Felt Flute Bags

(Earth tone colors vary.) $7.00

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"Understanding the Gift" by John Vames

"The best teaching book on the planet for learning the N.A. Flute." Comes with companion CD.


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Sound Samples for the Backpack Flutes