Native American Style Bubinga Drone Flutes by Laughing Crow

Native American Style Drone Flutes made from Bubinga (African Rosewood). You can bring your own accompaniment with you. Either play as a double or as a single. Wonderfully haunting sound.

Made to order if not in stock

Native American Bubinga Drone by Laughing Crow Native American Bubinga Drone by Laughing Crow Tiger Maple, Bubinga, Purple Heart Native American  Flute by Laughing Crow

Bubinga Drone Flutes Available With or Without Double Inlay

One of my favorite woods for drones is Bubinga, which comes from Africa. It is a very heavy, hard wood and can generate a bright, crisp tone. This is the tone that I personally like for a drone flute. The Bubinga Drones are available in the keys of F#m, Gm and Em. Note, the Em flute is long, about 26" overall. The finger holes can be difficult to reach for the inexperienced player or if one has small or stiff hands. I prefer the Gm drone for performances as it really stands out and projects well. The F#m has a more contemplative, mellow tone while the Em has a somewhat deeper and darker sound. The Bubinga drones may not in currently be in stock, but can be made for you upon request. I try to keep a good supply of the best hand-picked Bubinga I can find to create these outstanding instruments.
The drones that I'm creating now have an overall shape similar to the top flute. The double inlaid drone on the bottom was made some time ago. I've since opened up the Slow Air Chamber (SAC) in the rear which makes the flute a little bigger on the north end. The tone is better with a bigger SAC.

If you're interested in either getting started on the right foot with the Native American flute or feel you want to learn more about playing techniques, you might want to check out "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames.

Listen to sound samples of the Drone Flutes that I make. Click to hear a GmF#mEm and Dm drone

Be sure and check out the measurements below to make sure your choice will fit.

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Selection of Your Choices of Keys and Styles for the Bubinga Drone Native American Style Flute

(Click on the description to hear an example of the key.)

Gm Bubinga Drone-No Inlay $295.00

F#m Bubinga Drone-No Inlay $295.00

Em Bubinga Drone-No Inlay $349.00

Gm Bubinga Drone-Double Inlay $349.00

F#m Bubinga Drone-Double Inlay $349.00

Em Bubinga Drone-Double Inlay $369.00


This flute may not always be in stock, but if you order one, I will begin work ASAP. If you need to inquire about the flute that you want, you may email me at or call toll free (520)237-5312.

As with all my Laughing Crow Flutes, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If you're not happy with a Laughing Crow flute you may return it for any reason whatsoever within the first 30 days. Otherwise, the standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship is one year.

Detail of Rear of Tiger Maple Bubinga Purple Heart Flute by Laughing Crow

Close Up of the Inlay.


Each Laughing Crow Bubinga Drone flute is sealed with Danish Oil and finished with at least four coats of clear acrylic polyurethane. This finish strengthens the wood and makes it more durable as well as waterproof. The finish also protects the wood from UV rays which will cause the wood to change color unless otherwise protected. I have meticulously tuned these flutes with a digital tuner. This means that you can play along with other instruments and be in tune with them, also known as 'concert tuning'. The flutes pictured are examples of the different variations in grain. Yours will probably be slightly different. However, be assured that I hand pick the wood that these instruments are created from and use only the most beautiful and perfect pieces that I can find. 
I am confident that you will be not only more than satisfied with the tone from my Native American style Bubinga Drone flutes, I also know that this flute will stand head and shoulders above anything comparably priced. The tone will compare with the best flutes because it is one of the best. I guarantee it. This flute is made with the same precision, voicing, tuning and care that I give to all my flutes. This Native American style flute is a great value. Take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself a professional quality Laughing Crow flute that you will be happy to play for a lifetime.  As with all Laughing Crow Wooden Flutes, this flute comes with a free felt case.

List of different keyed flutes and their average sizes for Laughing Crow Wooden flutes.

These sizes are all average. The hole spacing and hole sizes are the maximum used. Some holes are a bit smaller and some hole spacings are slightly larger than what is listed. It's up to you to decide if your hands can fit these flutes. The lower pitches are bigger and longer. It's a matter of physics. I understand that lots of folks want the lower pitches, but if you want lower, it's going to be bigger. The list starts at the higher pitches and goes lower as you go down the list. I hope this helps you determine the size that you can handle.

  • Gm Drones - Length=22" Distance to furthest hole=16 1/2" Hole Spacing=1 3/8" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8" Width=2 3/4" Thickness=1 1/2"

  • F#m Drones -Length=24" Distance to furthest hole=18 1/2" Hole Spacing=1 7/16" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8" Width=2 3/4" Thickness=1 1/2"

  • Em Drones - (The size that can be difficult for some hands.) Length=26" Distance to furthest hole=18 1/2" Hole Spacing=1 3/4" (farthest two holes) Hole Size=3/8" Width=2 3/4" Thickness=1 1/2"


Instructional Materials and Upgrades

This Flute Comes With a Free Felt Flute Bag and and a Materials and Workmanship Warranty for One Year

Understanding the Gift Native American Flute Book by John Vajes

"Understanding the Gift" by John Vames

The very best resource for learning how to play. Written by a music educator. $29.95

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Eagle Fetish for Laughing Crow Flutes

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Eagle Fetish for Laughing Crow Flutes

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