Native American Birds Eye Maple Drone Flute by Laughing Crow

Birds Eye Drone

Left Hand View

Native American Birds Eye Maple Drone Flute by Laughing Crow

Birds Eye Drone

Right Hand View

Native American Birds Eye Maple Drone Flute with Double Inlay by Laughing Crow

Birds Eye Drone

Top View

Waterfall sapele Harmony DroneAmboyna Burl Eagles by Laughing Crow

Em W/Double Inlay

Detail of the Inlay Birds Eye Maple Drone Flute by Laughing Crow

Close Up of the Inlay.

Detail of the Mouthpiece Birds Eye Maple Drone Flute

Close Up of the Mouthpiece.

Birds Eye Drone Flutes Available With or Without Double Inlay

Created from Bird's Eye Maple, which grows in the northern US and Canada. I read somewhere that the trees that get less sunshine are more likely to have this kind of figure. Bird's Eye Maple is scarce. Most of the logs are bought up by the veneer makers, so lumber is hard to find and expensive. However, I feel that it makes for beautiful instruments. The Maple is hard and gives a good tone. I make these flutes in plain and inlaid versions.
The top photo is of an F#m Double Inlaid Drone. The bottom photo is of a Dm Drone without inlay. I am making them more in the shape of the bottom flute now. The Dm is big, but the Gm, F#m and Em are not quite as bulky. They're much more svelte. 
You can play this flute as a single flute or by simply moving your lips over the second hole, you can add accompaniment to your own playing. The drone side plays the fundamental, or the low note of the scale. If one over blows just right, the drone side can jump up an octave, so you can have either a high note or a low note to accompany your melodies.
I have designed the mouthpiece so that it's easy to play the melody side alone without having to worry about accidentally playing the drone side when accompaniment is not desired. This mouthpiece is very comfortable for most players, but if you want it flat, just let me know and I'll make it that way.

If you're interested in either getting started on the right foot with the Native American flute or feel you want to learn more about playing techniques, you might want to check out "Understanding the Gift" by John Vames.

Listen to sound samples of the Drone Flutes that I make. Click to hear a GmF#mEm and Dm drone

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These flutes are usually made to order, but if you order one, I will begin work ASAP. If you need to inquire about the flute that you want, you may email me at or call toll free (520)237-5312.
More photos of previous creations, below.
As with all my Laughing Crow Flutes, your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If you're not happy with a Laughing Crow flute you may return it for any reason whatsoever within the first 30 days. Otherwise, the standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship is one year. (Terms of Service.)

Sound Samples for the Birds Eye Maple Drones